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How Do I Get My Cat To Sleep Through The Night?


If you are wondering “how do I get my cat to sleep through the night“? then this is the article for you. Cats are well known for their love of sleep and sleep long hours, but they can also be very active and keep us up at night. This can be a major problem if you are tired or have to get up early for work. Lack of sleep can even have a negative impact on your health.

Many people believe cats to be nocturnal but this is not necessary true. Cats in their natural habitat are nocturnal but since the domestication of cats they have become very much diurnal (awake during the day). Keep in mind that all cats are very different and most will still wake up during the night or the early hours of the morning.

In this post were are going to answer your question of how do I get my cat to sleep through the night” with some great tips and tricks you can implement to enable you to get a great nights sleep.

How Do I Get My Cat To Sleep Through The Night

Why Does Your Cat Wake You at Night?

Although cats spend a lot of their time snuggled up somewhere sleeping, they can also be very active. There are a number of reason why your cat will wake you up during the night:

  • Your cat may not be getting enough exercise or stimulation during the times they are awake during the day.
  • They may be bored if you are at work all day.
  • Your kitty make wake up because they fancy a treat or something to drink.
  • Your cats normal schedule has gone out of sync.
  • Their litter tray or bedding has been disturbed.

Rule Out Medical Issues

If your cat used to sleep fine throughout the night and this behavior of waking you up is new, there may be an underlying medical issue that you do not know about. So if you cat has just recently started to do this and they are also showing any other unusual signs and symptoms, book an appointment with a vet to be on the safe side.

Sudden, unusual bouts of interrupted sleep could be a sign of toothache, or even something more serious such as high blood pressure or arthritis.

How Do I Get My Cat To Sleep Through The Night

In this section you will find some great tips and techniques you can use to prevent your cat from waking you up during the night. One thing to remember is to inform all family members of any changes. If you are doing certain things or changes and somebody in the house is doing the opposite, the techniques are not going to work.

#1 Feeding

Changing the time

A great way to prevent your cat waking up during the night is to give your cat a meal before bedtime. The biggest worry about doing this method is over-feeding your cat with an extra meal. The way to go about this is to use smaller but more frequent meals. This enables you to give them a meal before bedtime but without giving them more food.

Changing location

Cats usually eat meals from their bowl in the same location but this is not natural as cats out in the wild would usually hunt for their food. A great way to replicate this kind of behavior is to hide food and treats in various locations around the house. This will help to expend energy by using their instincts to find food. It also provides great stimulation.

An excellent alternative

One of the best feeding options is to invest in an automatic cat feeder. These are excellent devices that you can program at different timed intervals to feed your cat. As you can image there are all kind of variations available with different functions, but here’s an example below.

  • Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder

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  • Puzzle feeders are also a great option for daytime feeding which will help to burn energy and provide stimulation.

How Do I Get My Cat To Sleep Through The Night 2

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Always remember to never give in to your cats demands if they are scratching on the door for food in the morning. If you do this then they will continue to the same behavior.

#2 Enriching The Environment

Creating a stimulating environment around your house will prevent your cat from getting bored during the day. This should help to reduce any extra activity during the night. Here’s some tips and tricks you can use:

Scratching posts

Scratching posts come in different variations and sizes. All cat owners should have a number of different cat posts in different locations around the house. Cats love to scratch which helps to keep their claws trim. Here’s some examples:

  • Horizontal scratching pads

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  • Vertical scratching posts

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Provide comfort areas

Cats love to climb and be up high in the wild so it’s a great idea to emulate this in your home. The solution to this is indoor cat trees.

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Moving water

In their natural state, cats love to drink from moving water. If your cat doesn’t drink much from their current bowl then this is the reason why. A great solution for this is a cat water fountain. Cat water fountains will provide a flowing stream of fresh water that your cat will love.

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#3 Toys, Play Sessions, And Interaction

Having regular play sessions with your cat is an excellent way to provide exercise for your kitty. It’s also a great way to enhance your relationship by building a strong bond between the two of you. To get the best out of the play sessions you will need a variety of different cat toys. Here’s what you will need:

A selection of toys

Toys that mimic movements of prey are usually a great option. Here’s a list of the different types of toys you can get fro your cat.

  • Cat tunnels
  • Exercise wheels
  • Rattling cat toys
  • Fishing pole
  • Puzzles
  • Lasers
  • Soft mice
  • Catnip toys

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Interactive cat toys

Interactive cat toys provide both mental and physical stimulation. They also allow your cat to to play with the toys by themselves which means they can play when you are busy.

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Remember that novelty is key. All cats are different and will like different kinds of toys. All cat owners should have a large variety of toys to prevent boredom. It’s a good idea to have a play session with your kitty around an hour before you go to bed and just before their final meal. This should help to reduce night time activity.

#4 Use Calming Tricks

Even the slightest change in a regular routine can trigger a cats anxiety. This elevated anxiety could cause you cat to be more active during the night. Here are your options:

Sentry Behavior and Calming Collar for Cats

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Scientifically proven: Sentry calming collar for Cats reduces excessive meowing, marking and scratching.

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Cat Pheromone Products

Pet pheromones come in a range of products such as sprays, wipes, and plug-in diffusers and work by mimicking natural kitty pheromones.

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#5 Stick to a schedule

Cats are creatures of habit who love a routine that will develop around your schedule. Even the slightest change in routine can have an impact on physical health and raise anxiety levels. If your cat is active at night and keeping you awake, then have a think if there is anything about your normal routine that has changed.

The best way to keep your cat both physically and mentally happy is to keep both yours and there routine as consistent as possible. If you do plan on making any changes in their environment, always introduce this gradually. Always be aware that changes that may appear small to you can big a very big deal to your kitty.


Hope you enjoyed this post on how do I get my cat to sleep through the night. Remember to take action with the tips provided and if you stay consistent you will see results. If you have any questions or stories of your own, drop them in the comments section below.

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