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Best Kitten Teething Toys | 2020 Review And Buyers Guide


In this post we are going to be looking at the best kitten teething toys. Kittens are adorable little fluff balls but their needle-sharp teeth can cause some damage. It can be a bit of a challenge to stop your kitten from chewing on both your furniture and your hands.

The best way to go about this is to find a replacement that will enable them to chew on safely, and this comes in the form of kitten teething toys. We have looked at a lot of different variations and hand-picked the best kitten teething toys based on a number of different factors.

This is a list that we will continue to add to over time as we find new kitten teething toys worthy to make this list. If you would like to be updated, you can sign up for our newsletter.

best kitten teething toys Petstages Catnip Chew Mice

Petstages Catnip Chew Mice

best kitten teething toys Petstages Catnip Rolls

Petstages Catnip Rolls

Best Overall Kitten Teething Toy

Petstages Catnip Chew Mice

best kitten teething toys Petstages Catnip Chew Mice

The netting on this Petstages Catnip Chew Mice is designed help provide a gentle message and remove soft tartar on your kittens gums. This toy is also filled with catnip and comes in attractive colors which your kitten will absolutely love! 

Best Runner Up Kitten Teething Toy

Petstages Catnip Rolls

best kitten teething toys Petstages Catnip Rolls

The slim shape of the Petstages Catnip Rolls are designed for easy biting and are also filled with 100% North American catnip. They are made of high-quality material to prevent falling apart from biting, but at the same time are soft enough to gently massage your kittens gums.

Another advantage is that the material is very quiet. This means if you kitten decides to chew on it during the night, it's not going to wake anybody up.

Other Kitten Teething Toys

Petstages Tons Of Tails

best kitten teething toys Petstages Tons Of Tails

Your kitten will be fascinated by the Petstages Tons Of Tails which is a bunch of fabric strips which are tied together to make a knotted section. The knotted ball is filled with catnip which your kitten will love. The hanging tails are made with different textured fabric which are a very thin design and perfect for a small mouth of a kitten.

The overall design is very lightweight which is perfect for your kitten to drag and bat about. Another a great feature is there are no noisy aspects to the toy which makes it a great option for night time play.

As with most toys, you can't expect this to be indestructible after hours of razor-sharp teeth gnawing at it. For the price of these you may as well stock up on two or three of them.

Legendog Cat Catnip Toys

kitten teething toysLegendog Cat Catnip Toys

A pack of these includes 5 different attractive colors (red, gray, orange, black, pink) which contain natural catnip. They are each made of durable & non-toxic fabric with a texture that helps to clean your kittens teeth and remove tartar. Regular use of this toy can vastly improve dental health.

The Legendog Cat Catnip Toys have a five star rating on amazon and are full of praise and amazing feedback. There are no negative reports or issues with the toys falling apart.If you are after a long-last durable kitten teething toy then this may be the perfect choice that your kitten will love.

The Purr Pillow by Petstages

Best kitten teething toys Petstages Cat Cuddle Toys

The Purr Pillow by Petstages has a great comforting effect for any kitten who gets separation anxiety. Although not directly a teething toy like some of the others on our list, but if combined with some of the toys above it can help drastically. The soft pillow has a touch activated purr that lasts for 2 minutes to calm a stressed kitty.

The overal size is around 7" long, 6" wide and the body is only 1" thick which is the perfect size for your kitten to get their tiny mouths around. Amazon reviews show some great feedback on this item with it working like a charm. Some people are even using them to place inside of a cat carrier which is a great idea.

The only real downside is the purring effect could last longer than two minutes. It would of been better to have a variety of different time options.

When Does Kitten Teething Start?

When a kitten is around two weeks old, they will start to develop baby teeth. At around 6 weeks of age, most kittens will have grown all twenty six of their milk teeth. If this hasn't happened then don't worry, each cat is unique and will grow at different rates. You may want to contact a vet if they haven't fully grown through by around nine to ten weeks.

You will notice a difference in your cats behavior once the baby teeth start to break though the gums. They usually begin to chew on everything but this is completely normal behavior. Their baby teeth will be fully replaced with adult teeth when they are around 6 months old. 

Signs Of Kitten Teething Start?

Here are some of the obvious of dental discomfort you can look out for:

  • You cat may eat less.
  • Chewing slower than usual.
  • Excessive chewing.
  • Mild gingivitus and inflamed gums due to adult teeth erupt.
  • Drooling
  • Bleeding gums.
  • Pawing at the mouth.

Redirecting Kitten Biting

It's always best to start to redirect biting from as early an age as possible. The longer you leave it, the harder it is to prevent from happening. Here are some tips you can use:

  1. Have a good variety of toys nearby. When they go to bite, place a toy in front of them. Never allow them to bite your hands. This will encourage a habit they may never grow out of when they become adults.
  2. If they do bite you, get up and walk out of the room. This works because cats desire your attention. Leaving them will each time they bite will make them associate biting with you going away.
  3. Never yell at your cat or hit them. This kind of behavior will just make them afraid of you and will have a negative effect on any training.
  4. Make sure every family member in the house does the same thing. If somebody else in the house is allowing the kitten to nibble on their hands because they think it's cute, the training you are doing will be a waste of time and will not work.

Keeping Toys Interesting

Like humans, cats can also get bored of things very easily. If you have purchased a number of kitten teething toys, here are a number of ways you can increase the novelty and lifespan of the toys.

Put the toys away:
Toys that are constantly left out and are accessible at will become boring very fast. Putting them away somewhere where you cat can't see them is great for two reasons. First it's good for safety issues encase something breaks off the toy. Second, when you bring it back out it will make the toy appear to be new.

Rotating the teething toys:
After learning about the first tip we mentioned above, the next step is to rotate the toys by using different ones each day. This is why it is always a good idea to have a large selection of cat toys so you can rotate and prevent boredom.

Extra catnip spray:
Most of the items we featured on this best kitten teething toys list contain catnip. As you can imagine, this wears off over time. It's always a good idea to invest in some extra catnip so you add it to the toys over time.


Hope you enjoyed this post on the best kitten teething toys and that you now have some great ideas to treat you kitten. Just to remind you, this is a post that we will continue to update over time. If you want to be updated on any changes then feel free to subscribe to our newsletter.

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